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Gymna is a leading brand in Physical Therapy and has over more than 50 years of experience in the development, marketing and distribution of physical therapy equipment. Gymna is known for its high profile, high quality solutions offering top quality, ergonomics, functionality and durability.

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Patient specific

Pressure wave therapy

Treatment under the best possible conditions. Investing in Gymna ShockMaster is an investment that yields turnover, knowledge, applications and time. Create your own customized applications and store your personal patient data base.


Treatment Tables

Gymna is offering the new standard in stability, ergonomics, design and durability, functionality. Gymna offers a complete range for physical therapy clinical needs. Gymna is known for working closely with physical therapists and directly implementing their ideas and needs in production.


Gymna W-Move

An exceptional tool to provide the patient pool with unique exercise equipment in your facility that will promote treatment participation and social interaction between patients. The W-Move solution facilitates the downrange exercise modalities without high joint impact.


Physio Care

This unique line of products will provide excellent skin care, perfect therapeutic medium without complications or irritation for your patients’ skin and your sensitive equipment.

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